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or n., the word is usually an adjective (Adjektiv, adjectif) and the gender indicator is being used to distinguish the adjective's different gender-related forms.

Words for which we have provided no gender information may not be nouns, they may be English nouns or they may be non-English nouns for which we have no relevant information.

Our selection of specialist terms include words and phrases taken from a large number of related fields including music in all its forms, classical and modern dance, the fine arts, poetry, linguistics, drama, libretti, costume, architecture (useful for set design, etc.), cultural philosophy (including aesthetics), education, musical and cultural history, biography, physics, physiology and psychology (particularly as these relate to sound and music), medical terms (including those relating to disabilities, performance-related injury, illness, etc.), musical instrument making (including design, technology, electronics, etc.), musical instruments, recording, religion, printing and publishing, some notable works and important non-composer figures in music.

We have also included terms drawn from the many world music traditions, jazz, rock, pop and related musical genres.

Information about composers will be found in our 'in-progress' Composers Online.

The entries are usually concise and, where available, we provide links to supplementary material from Music Theory Online, Musical e-Monographs or external websites.

Are we forever to be twisting and untwisting the same rope?Where, over time, words have changed their meanings or usage, we have tried to reflect this.The dictionary is an ongoing project to which new material is added on an almost daily basis. Jefferies and Michael Zapf are reviewing the German entries for error and ommission.You may wish to refer to Nouns and Gender in German, French Gender - Genre français, Grasping the Concept of Gender in Spanish and Italian Lesson 2 (particularly Il, lo, la, un, uno and una: definite and indefinite articles).Where the word is written entirely in lower case but associated with m., f.

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