Redneck dating disaster

It was hard to imagine that it could ever be totally filled with people, as far as the eye could see looking out from the stage.

Down the service road, gleaming by the floodlight glare came eight ancient trucks, each loaded with about a dozen porta-toilets. By night, with only some 5,000 people milling around the interior section, it seemed to stretch on forever.

At least one couple balled in the back seat of a crunched old Plymouth. The latter was where the stage was set up, since it afforded the greatest line of sight, line of hearing potential for the greatest number of people.

"So finally we backed off and one of the cats let her have it.Now this guy that you're talking about, is this the black guy that got killed? He shook loose, and the Hell's Angel hit him in the mouth and he fell back into the crowd and he jumped off stage and jumped at him. In lieu of distribution rights, Filmways would agree to accept 0,000 in cash.And he tried to scramble, you know, through the crowd, to run from the Hell's Angel, and four other Hell's Angels jumped on him. Furthermore, the Stones were to put up an additional 0,000 in escrow for any damage that might be done to the raceway. To heighten the effect, there were three dozen or so wrecked cars from th raceway's normal activity: destruction derbies. Dealers were among the first to show — spacey madmen with their dazzling raps. It consists of an 80-acre plot of land with an auto raceway carved into its central plateau. Everyone was remarking how much it was like a Fellini movie. I mean, I'm in it for the bucks, but it's a trip, too, and it makes things like The dealers were more than mildly disconcerted to see so much shit being given away on Friday night. But they had nothing to fear: it got a lot greedier when there were 300,000 instead of 30,000, and finally when it got really bad, when the music was on and the Angels were wailing, all deals were cash on the line. The layout at the raceway is easy enough to visualize without a map.

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