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If only my experience with the app left me with the same enthusiasm as that video title exhibited.The Grade’s PR focuses on the app being some sort of safe haven for women — a Tinder with a filter. But grades aren’t just based on whether you send dick pics or are secretly married.I have been painfully single for a ridiculously long time.I am running on six (going on seven) years of involuntary celibacy.This dovetails with one of the first things people like to say when I mention my difficulty with (not) dating — usually some variation of “But you’re so beautiful! ” I know this isn’t a phenomenon unique to me — the canned responses to women lamenting their single status always seem to reference some sort of (often unsolicited) affirmation about their beauty. Are attractive people not supposed to have trouble finding people interested in them? if I have trouble finding people interested in me does that mean I am not attractive?

Had I finally found an app where men would be held accountable for their actions?” And the answers overwhelmingly said: being attractive helps with first dates because it’s easy to get that initial interest. I can count the number of first dates I’ve been on one hand.So here comes the inevitable next question: I swear I am not just fishing for compliments. As a staff writer at Upworthy on the sex and relationships beat (#lolsob), I get some (read: many) unsolicited pitches about different dating apps, sites, services, etc.So after spending countless hours scrolling through my Facebook feed, unfollowing nauseatingly-happy couples, I just have to find out why I’ve never had my chance to be one of them. Physical appearance is often the first thing people — especially men — use as a qualifier for pursuing something.I’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of many people’s dating lives while mine remains . My internal dialogue often goes through this loop: Am I not attractive? What can I do to be me while also being deemed attractive enough to have someone want to just give me a at a date?

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This piece is Wagatwe Wanjuki’s first dispatch from the front lines of her romantic life for the #Its Totally Me dating series, which follows Establishment writers Wanjuki and Katie Klabusich as they utilize professional matchmakers and the insights of various experts to get to the bottom of their perpetual singledom. So the response to the inaugural #Its Totally Me post has been overwhelming — but definitely positive!

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