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Naruto had stepped on what was left of her intestines. A woman was kneeling on the floor clutching a boy who appeared to have no more than five years old. The battle was intense and both eventually moved slightly away from the village. Feeling safe with this person, he closed his eyes again and fell into a blissful sleep. Sobbing and wailing of cold, the baby snuggled closer to Naruto, one of his hands clinging to his coat for warmth. If Sasuke had been gutted, the jacket would be soaked with blood… Actually, Sasuke looked perfectly well."Come into the house" Shima ordered. "Naruto obeyed and went inside the small house where he used to live during his senjutsu training. now not only he saw him naked every day but also had to clean his ass every day. There were times when Naruto watched Sasuke waiting for his declaration that it had all been a trick, but it never happened. Besides the rain's sound, he could not hear anything."No, Sasuke... " he cried, gathering up as many clones as he could.

They were both covered in soot and blood which Naruto guessed belonged to bodies that were right in front of them: a man and an older boy. Uchiha Sasuke was in front of the burning mansion, his chokuto pointed towards the woman. Sasuke had already invoked the Susanoo but Naruto would not use the power of the Kyuubi. Naruto could not believe his eyes: in the middle of Sasuke's clothes, was a newborn baby. "The baby calmed down but was still weeping and shaking with cold. Naruto examined his best friend's body in search of wounds. Desperate to make Sasuke feel better, Naruto took off his jacket with his free hand and wrapped it around the baby boy."Don't worry, Sasuke" the blond ninja said, cradling the child in his arms. you're going to be okay..."Gradually, the baby stopped crying. Shima jumped over a small couch and ordered Naruto to land Sasuke on it, then carefully, removed the coat, revealing the child's abdomen."You see? Not even Uchiha Sasuke would stand idly while somebody took his temperature the baby way or you poked a finger in the diaper to see if it was dirty. No..." the blond moaned, lifting his hands to his face in despair. The original and clones immediately began to dig the mud.

Naruto knew he would not be able to return to Konoha so early or even have contact with the companions he had left. Beside him, lying on the sheets of an old futon of the small room of the inn he was staying, Sasuke was fast asleep. "I want to be a great ninja hero" he said "Just like Naruto-sama! Konoha was still being rebuilt after Pain's attack but, fortunately, the village didn't suffer any heavy damages during the Fourth Ninja War. When Naruto claimed victory, Sasuke was lying down on the floor baffled, unable to believe that he had been defeated by the Dobe he always loathed. In addition, Sasuke knew that sooner or later, Naruto would get involved. "It's been a while, Naruto-kun ..." Itachi said softly. The idea of the "feathered tornado" came from the opening scene of the D. Angel anime, which I thought was very strange and yet beautiful at the same time. His wet and clammy skin shuddered with the air stream. Fukasaku stared at his wife in amazement."Kaa-chan ... He thought of Sasuke as rude, egotistical, greedy and, above all, evil. The Uchiha could have been a waste of DNA, but this baby knew how to have fun with the frogs. Naruto had the idea to train every day with the frogs and challenged Fukasaku to a battle."Come on, Jii-chan Sennin! We no longer fight against each other since my first training in senjutsu. " the old frog cried hitting Naruto's head with his cane."Itai! "Naruto growled."I didn't say anything..."Naruto was interrupted when he heard a loud sound coming from where the baby was and they all looked at it the same time, wide-eyed.

But the worst was his face, his Sharingan was activated and he wore a huge smile of satisfaction on his face, like a demon out of hell. Have mercy ..." sobbed the woman at his feet, grabbing the terrified child. "Sasuke asked, looking at the woman as if she was trash. His suspicions were confirmed when he made the mistake of staring at Sasuke in the eyes. Naruto knew almost instantly that something had gone wrong with the genjutsu. Sasuke tried to use Susanoo to escape, but as soon as it touched the feathers the creature let out an animalistic cry and disappeared entirely. Naruto wondered if it was a genjutsu, but that didn't make any sense. He looked like a hairless dog except for the thin raven hair ..."Naruto was startled and looked at the baby more closely. While looking at the place where Sasuke's belly button should be, Naruto shouted: Sasuke had his gut out! Sasuke kept staring at Naruto with a look of awe his face, but he seemed calmer. When the flames were gone, all that remained were ashes."Anything else? You can do the summoning."With a blast of smoke, Gamakichi disappeared. However, it was very easy to like When the boy was not crying or fussing like a little demon, he was really cute and fun. His hands were scratched and filled with cuts, but he continued ignoring the pain. They were all removing the rubble without rest, but found nothing.

I'll try to keep the characters as "in character" as possible. The jutsu he had created to protect loved ones, was now being used to destroy them. " Tsunade leaned back in her chair and huffed irritably. "We've had this conversation, Naruto" she said, trying to keep herself calm. he had no home, too many crimes had been committed. and he would not stop until the whole world burned. the cursed seal gave him power, but it was very difficult to control… the whole team was going to die, the snake man was too powerful ... Sasuke forgot Madara and Akatsuki, the truth about the Uchiha; he forgot the fight against Itachi and all the techniques he had learned from Orochimaru. Sasuke's eyes, which hitherto remained with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan activated, changed into a matured three tomoe Sharingan, then two, one ... Sasuke had forgotten how to activate the Sharingan. This wasn't the Sasuke he had met at the Academy or during his days as a member of Team 7. It was then that he realized the sound was coming from his room. Sasuke was lying on his bed, clutching a pillow and crying his eyes out. Slowly, he rested a hand on the child's back."Sasuke? When he saw Naruto sitting next to him, he was speechless."Are you okay Sasuke? "Sasuke threw himself into Naruto's arms and began to wail again. "The two continued embraced for some time without saying a word. "Sasuke snorted but didn't remove his head from Naruto's chest, as if he was ashamed to show his face."Sowy... "I like doing my job well.""Hmpf" Temari snorted, but accompanied him to the Konoha gates."I saw Kankuro two months ago" Shikamaru said.

Obviously, that can't happen for Sasuke but I'll give my best not to make him very OOC. Prologue When Tsunade announced the death of Uchiha Sasuke, the whole room was filled with silence. Naruto knew his sensei felt guilty for teaching Sasuke the jutsu he used to end so many people's lives. The accounts of survivors of the twelve villages that he had wiped out were essentially all the same: a red-eyed boy had entered the village and declared that he would reduce it to dust. " Naruto had wanted to intervene but Tsunade would not let him, it was too dangerous and would be giving Sasuke exactly what he wanted: attention and sense of power over him. Naruto imagined his original dream, Team 7 gathered laughing together, preparing for a new mission. he was going to participate in the Chuunin exams, but had no major concerns, the only opponents was worried about were Gaara and Rock Lee ... Naruto would eventually die if he did not act faster ... His arms and legs were becoming increasingly smaller, his bones contracted, the muscles that he had gained after weeks of training faded, becoming smaller and weaker until they were swallowed by his white shirt and pants which threatened to drop to the ground along with the rope that he used as a belt. but...""You accepted this mission because you wanted to stop him, right? Nor was the traitorous criminal who he had fought against, that destroyed so many lives and shattered his team's hearts for power... Naruto lay on the ground next to Sasuke, who slept peacefully with his tiny fists closed. " Naruto asked again, but the child continued to look at him as if he had seen a ghost. The boy had his hands fisted on his father's shirt and buried his face in his chest. His tears wetted Naruto's pajama shirt front, but he didn't care."Shh... Don't be scared" Naruto whispered softly, stroking his small back. Gradually Sasuke's sobs decreased but the child still hugged Naruto tightly, refusing to separate from him."Sowy... "Is it true that he will teach classes on puppetry?

After warning all these ninja, Tsunade dismissed them and returned to her new cabinet. Tsunade had given him her word that she would let him go alone and not let know anyone about his whereabouts or on his mission until its conclusion. When passing through the gate he made sure that was not being followed and threw himself in the trees. It was all a result of the raven that he had swallowed that day... "For this power to manifest; Sasuke had to use Tsukuyomi against you, using my eyes. "All I wanted was for Sasuke to return to the village as a hero ... " Sasuke tried in vain to free himself from the ropes. His mind, twisted by madness, noted vaguely that Itachi not only was ignoring him but also could have something to do with black feathers. Sasuke continued to attempt to free himself from the ropes, but these seemed to cling to him with even more force. His arms and legs lost their coordination as his muscles lost strenght and control, his movements becoming large and jerky. Naruto kept walking, his head full of unanswered questions. The laughter turned to sobs and Naruto fell to his knees in front of the clothes that had belonged to his best friend. I never heard of any technique that could turn an adult into a baby... "Shima turned to Naruto."What was the last thing he said? He recalled the black feathered tornado, ropes of light to involving Sasuke, Itachi telling him that he would not have to fight against Sasuke anymore..."He said: ."The couple looked at each other. You're acting like a..."Naruto gasped at the thought that came to him. "The frogs, who were watching the whole scene from the room door, entered and approached them. "Fukasaku laughed."Good luck in trying Bunta-chan to congratulate you! Saving the world had earned him a large monetary compensation, but more than half of the money he received was still in Konoha, hidden under his mattress. Clothing and diapers."The employee took him first to the diaper section. As soon as the nipple brushed his cheek, Sasuke's sucking reflex allowed him to extract the milk.

When Shizune asked her if she needed anything she asked her to fetch some reports. He didn´t want to tell his friends for various reasons that he knew to be a little selfish on his part: if they knew, they would want to go with him and help him. These were the necessary conditions." "You mean like that crow with your friend's eye? he was the only one of our clan that hadn't been corrupted by greed, so I placed all my hopes on him." Naruto didn't know what to say. "Our father was so obsessed with power that forced me to betray the village. A white light surrounded Naruto and he became aware of small blue orbs getting out of his body towards Sasuke. Before losing consciousness Naruto still managed to look at Itachi, who was smiling at him with his usual gentleness. Several blue orbs that his Sharingan identified as chakra, surrounded the tornado's feather. Sasuke forgot all ninja techniques that he ever learned; he forgot what "ninja" meant. Tears were soon running down his cheeks, falling to the already wet ground. The blond ninja's eyes were so swollen that he didn't even notice the tiny movement under Sasuke's shirt. It must have been some kind of rejuvenation jutsu... If Itachi wanted Naruto to take care of his brother, he wouldn't use a reversible jutsu... Shortly after, he was screaming with all his strength. "Sasuke stop it ..." he said with a more gentle tone, rocking the baby. Sasuke didn't even seem to realize that he was talking to him, continuing to sob."... Sasuke looked from one side to another, but his vision was very limited so he focused once again on Naruto, pleased with his funny face. "The baby seemed to sense something was wrong because his dark eyes watered and he began to whimper. You should sit and wait; he will never admit that defeat. For that reason, he didn't want to waste his remaining cash in the shop. Naruto was dumbfounded, how the hell was he supposed to choose diapers? " the employee asked, noticing his embarrassment."I don't know how much he weighs... The baby sucked the warm milk eagerly, feeling satisfied as it filled his hungry stomach... After a week of "training" Naruto started to get the hang of it.

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