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TWITTER @themikedowd A problem I encountered: Your pipe threads should be cut 2" deep/down into the pipe. COM text or call (713) 7422549 [ Post a Reply to This Message ] Well was drilled 5 years ago by well driller. 50' of 2 inch plastic pipe with check valve at bottom and a 1" hollow push rod connected to "pump" at bottom. The water starts out looking fairly clear then after 2 minutes turns a very dark orange-brown.

This ensures your pounding cap can be screwed-on far enough so the pipe hits the bottom of the cap. 80 feet deep, with water within 21 feet of the surface. I have pumped out about 40 pails of water over a 10 day period of time. Water was extremely brown coloured initially (first 10 pails) and then lightened up to a copper colour. The dark water will run for 2 minutes and then it clears.

My pump is off and we'll line disconnected at the moment and the pressure gauge still reads at 40 so I'm assuming that it's broken but not 100% on that, so if you have input on that that would be great. Now everything is fixed and i still have no water [ Post a Reply to This Message ] I just bought a property that had a well drilled last year and sealed with bentonite. replaced another pipe becasue the pressure busted them.Tomorrow I am redoing my piping with 1" pipe and adding some valves and fittings so I can more easily flush the well with air or water between pumpings. Should I keep flushing with clean water and pumping alternately? My question is how hard is it to move the existing well?[ Post a Reply to This Message ] I put in a shallow well in the spring, we hit water right away at 4 to 5ft with using just a pitcher pump it has worked well for giving water to our cows.

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